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11:30 AST (Saturday, Jan 14, 2017) - Canadian Heritage

Statement by Minister Joly on Thai Pongal

20:41 AST (Friday, Jan 13, 2017) - Correctional Service Canada

Seizure of contraband at Donnacona Institution

14:40 AST (Friday, Jan 13, 2017) - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Keeping ahead of the competition - Canada and B.C. fund agri-food research programs

14:10 AST (Friday, Jan 13, 2017) - Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Dr. Carrie Bourassa assumes the position of Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health

13:51 AST (Friday, Jan 13, 2017) - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Federal and provincial governments to announce an important investment at the University of New Brunswick

13:28 AST (Friday, Jan 13, 2017) - Competition Bureau

Supporting Canada-India cooperation at the 8th Global Gujarat Summit

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