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14:15 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Sport Facility Upgrades at Université Sainte-Anne to Benefit Community

13:18 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Government Invests in New Greenhouse Technology for Organic Microgreens

12:15 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Minister MacAulay Promotes Agricultural Production and Sustainability in Germany

11:48 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Competition Bureau

It's not easy being green. Businesses must back up their words.

11:15 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Public Services and Procurement Canada

Government of Canada Supports Ontario Firm through the Build in Canada Innovation Program

11:00 AST (Monday, Jan 23, 2017) - Infrastructure Canada

Bringing high-speed internet access to rural residents in King Township and Huron County

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