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20:01 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Global Affairs Canada

Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit Europe

18:00 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Canadian Heritage

Minister Joly to Speak at National Flag of Canada Day Celebrations

18:00 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Public Health Agency of Canada

Minister's Message – Sexual and Reproductive Health Week

17:10 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Oceans Protection Plan

16:29 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Global Affairs Canada

International Trade Minister to visit France and Germany

12:59 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

Sexual assault charge laid against military member in St. Hubert

12:46 AST (Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017) - Competition Bureau

Does Canada offer a competitive environment where FinTech innovation can flourish?

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