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23:15 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Veterans Affairs Canada

Parliamentary Secretary Pierre Lemieux attends Honour House's "A Night for Heroes" Gala

19:15 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Justice Canada

Government of Canada funds innovative family law projects in British Columbia

19:11 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Collecting feedback to improve food labels and modernize the food labelling system

19:00 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Harper Government Invests in Major Improvements for Fishing Harbours in British Columbia

18:35 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Employment and Social Development Canada

Harper Government helps former and current members of Canadian military enter civilian job market

18:00 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Infrastructure Canada

Savona Dock and Boat Launch Upgrade Complete

17:20 ADT (Friday, May 22, 2015) - Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Maximizing the benefits of immigration for the Canadian economy

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