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20:15 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

The Government of Canada Introduces a Bill to Eliminate known Sex-Based Inequities in the Indian Act

19:30 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Infrastructure Canada

Governments of Canada and British Columbia investing in Highway 16 improvements

19:30 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Status of Women Canada

New funding will help more women get elected to public office

19:15 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Statement from the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

18:38 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Global Affairs Canada

Statement by Minister Dion on attack on Pakistani police training college

15:40 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Parks Canada

The Girl Guide Movement in Canada

15:30 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

The most expensive biologic treatments for chronic inflammatory disease dominate the Canadian market

14:30 ADT (Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016) - National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

Defence Minister Sajjan attends Paris Counter-ISIL Defense Ministerial

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