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Below is a list outlining the companies selected to receive a Contribution Agreement from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to perform Research and Development (R&D) and investigate new methods and applications in using radar data acquired through missions supported by the CSA. Following an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) process, nine (9) companies have successfully met the requirements and will receive a Contribution Agreement to support their R&D project. The maximum cost envelope of each agreement is less than $100,000, and the agreements are valid for eighteen (18) months. A short description of the objective of each R&D project is given below.

CompanyR&D projectR&D objectiveValue of project

3v Geomatics Inc.

Location: Vancouver, B.C.

Advanced Mine Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

This project will integrate the use of radar data at an active open mine site to monitor soil displacement. The objective is to generate rapid delivery products for operational decision making. Products will be verified against traditional long-term radar products and evaluated by end-users.

Benefits to Canada: To broaden the use of radar data, and in this case of special interest for the Canadian mining industry.

CSA contribution: $98,915.00

3v Geomatics Inc.: $32,972.00

Total value: $131,887.00

A.U.G. Signals Ltd.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Advancements in Estimating Crop Growing Stages using RADARSAT-2

This project presents novel technology using radar and optical images to improve the estimation of crop growth stages. Data from multiple satellites will be studied and integrated in the estimation process by utilizing complementary information from different satellite images.

Benefits to Canada: Agricultural industry will derive direct benefits from improved crop management techniques (like canola growth) that are vital to the Canadian economy.

CSA contribution:

A.U.G. Signals Ltd.:

Total value: $132,744.00

PCI Geomatics Enterprise Inc.

Location: Gatineau, Quebec

Enhancement of Compact Pol Pseudo Covariance Estimates Based upon Optical Training

The proposed software development for this project will extend the ability to determine the merit and validity of a new set of data (to become available on the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, and called compact polarimetry), for virtually any sensor or application using the compact polarimetry mode. By making this software available to the general user community, significant advances in the development of processing techniques of this new set of data can be expected.

Benefits to Canada: R&D to enhance the expertise and global competiveness of the company. This work will lead to new and enhanced uses of radar data and have an impact on how satellite data are used. Potential users include governmental departments: Agriculture, Defence, Coast Guard, Fisheries, Environment, Mapping, Transportation, International Affairs and Sovereignty.

CSA contribution:

PCI Geomatics Enterprise Inc.:                       $35,706.22

Total value: $135,705.22

MDA Systems Ltd.

Location: Richmond, B.C.

Dark Ship Tracking using Multiple Satellite Missions

This project is linked to ship detection. Although dark ships do not transmit Automatic Identification System (AIS), they can still be detected by satellites. However, precious time is wasted between the time of acquiring an image and establishing a correlation between the dark ship and the radar image captured. This project will evaluate how radar and optical images can be combined to detect and track dark ships more rapidly.

Benefits to Canada: This project will enhance the industry's ability to meet national space needs. This application would provide great value to Canada in managing its maritime surveillance capability.

CSA contribution:

MDA Systems Ltd.:

Total value: $104,104.00

Dromadaire Geo-Innovations Inc.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Ice Front

This project aims at improving the quality and quantity of satellite-derived ice information. It is specifically intended to identify ice cover, monitor its movement and know its characteristics. This R&D project will combine the use of radar and optical data to develop a new tool and improve the mapping of ice cover on Canadian waters.

Benefits to Canada: The R&D developed is tailored to meet the specific needs of end-users like hydropower companies, public safety organizations and governmental agencies.

CSA contribution:

Dromadaire Geo-Innovations Inc.: $20,000.00

Total value: $189,999.00

Fluvial Systems Research Inc.

Location: White Rock, B.C.

RADARSAT-2 and WorldView-2 Integration for High Resolution River Channel Bathymetry and Topography Modelling

This project serves to develop an innovative image-processing algorithm, which would allow the combination of RADARSAT-2 and WorldView-2 satellite data to enhance the mapping and monitoring of rivers (e.g. detection of water bodies, riverbed material and riverine infrastructure).

Benefits to Canada: This project will enhance Canada's capability to manage its rivers and increase the use of radar data while supporting the protection of the environment. This project will also serve to position a new company in this market, both domestically and internationally.

CSA contribution:

Fluvial Systems Research Inc.:

Total value: $108,435.80

GlobVision Inc.

Location: St-Laurent, Quebec

Estimation of Soil Moisture Temporal Dynamics in Vegetated Areas using RADARSAT-2 and Data Fusion

This project will combine the use of RADARSAT-2 imagery with other sources of information like the weather and on-site measurements to assess soil moisture, which is a critical input to weather prediction models, crop production and yield forecast. Through research, the company will expand the applicability of their soil moisture method estimation from bare soil to landscapes with different types of vegetation and crop covers.

Benefits to Canada: This R&D will benefit end-users in agriculture, ecology and climate change studies. It will also enhance the integration of new methodologies and data into IntelliSMART, an operational tool for soil moisture estimation.

CSA contribution:

GlobVision Inc.:

Other source of funding:

Total value: $150,873.36

Kepler Space Inc.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Improved Estimation of Water Extent using RADARSAT-2 Data Integrating Multi-Satellite Data, LIDAR Data and Profile Shifting Techniques

This project will use data from RADARSAT-2 and data simulated from other satellites (Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2) for rapid and precise water extent and flood monitoring and mapping.

Benefits to Canada: This project will lead to an increase use of radar data in water management and enhance Kepler's industrial capabilities in this niche market.

CSA contribution:

Kepler Space Inc.:

Total value: $133,841.14

Effigis Géo-Solutions Inc.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Using Radar and Optical Data from Earth Observation satellites to create new products in support of agriculture

In consultation with agricultural producers and stakeholders, this project aims to extract information from radar and optical satellites to generate useful products focusing on the main plant phonological stages.

Benefits to Canada: This project will enable the development of customized and more precise information products to assist end-users in agriculture and reinforce the positioning of this company in this particularly important domain for Canada.

CSA contribution : contribution:$99,970.23

Effigis Géo-Solutions Inc.:

Total value: $133,028.85

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