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Today, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, granted the authority to air operators to permit passengers to use non-transmitting portable electronic devices (PEDs) such as cameras, electronic games and computers during the critical phases of flight (when an aircraft takes off, climbs, descends or lands). Passengers have been able to use PEDs only during the non-critical phase of flight.

Before allowing passengers to use PEDs, air operators must demonstrate that a non-transmitting PED does not have any adverse effects on the operation of the aircraft or its equipment, and adjust the company operations manual, flight attendant manual, and amend its flight crew training program.

For your safety and convenience, always check with your airline to see what electronic devices are allowed and when.

Transmitting portable electronic devices (TPEDs)

Transmitting portable electronic devices (TPEDs) are only permitted, in normal mode, during the taxi-in phase. TPEDs, such as cell phones, smart phones, or iPads, use high-frequency, short-wave radio transmitters and receivers to send or receive messages or information while in transmitting mode. TC regulations prohibit the use of devices in transmitting mode onboard an aircraft because they have the potential to interfere with aircraft’s navigation and communication systems.

Transmitting devices also have different power levels and may use different frequencies, so their effects are difficult to assess, given that they are not maintained and controlled using aviation safety standards.

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