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Designated Heritage Lighthouses

Name: Inch Arran Point Front Range (built in 1870)
Location: Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Overlooking Chaleur Bay in New Brunswick, the Inch Arran Point Front Range Lighthouse is a very good example of Canada’s post-Confederation expansion of the lighthouse system and is one of many surviving wooden square-tapered tower lighthouses constructed after 1867. The 11 metre high wooden tower is distinguished by its birdcage-style lantern gallery, a unique feature among existing lighthouses in Canada. The lighthouse played an important role in the development of Dalhousie, a town that has historically relied on the sea to connect it to the rest of Canada.

Situated on the northernmost point of the province in the town of Dalhousie, the Inch Arran Point Front Range Lighthouse marks the entrance to Dalhousie Harbour at the mouth of the Restigouche River, and is about a one hour’s drive from Bathurst, New Brunswick.