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CBSA keeps 36 suspected criminals out of Saskatchewan in February

March 29, 2016                         Regina, Saskatchewan              Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of February highlights from its border crossings in Saskatchewan:

The CBSA refused entry to 55 foreign nationals, including 36 with a criminal history, who attempted to enter Canada last month. At the Carievale border crossing, officers turned back a U.S. man convicted of sexual assault of a child, and as well as a woman convicted of six counts of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines. They also arrested a North Dakota man on grounds of organized crime. At a hearing, the Immigration and Refugee Board found him inadmissible for membership in the Varrio Norwalk gang, and he was issued a deportation order.

At Northgate on February 18, officers refused entry to a North Dakota man convicted of making terrorist threats. He later sought entry at North Portal on February 24 and was again refused entry. North Portal officers also refused entry to a man convicted of sexual assault, and on February 23, intercepted and arrested an impaired driver and turned him over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Officers at Oungre refused entry to a U.S. man convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines. At the remote West Poplar River border crossing, officers turned back two U.S. travellers: one with multiple convictions and a pending charge for impaired driving, and another convicted of assault.

At North Portal, CBSA officers seized a loaded .25-calibre pistol from a male U.S. commercial driver while conducting a routine vehicle search on February 10. Officers arrested the driver upon finding the prohibited handgun stuffed in a sock inside a piece of luggage. CBSA Criminal Investigations charges are pending. On February 1 and on February 4, officers seized 25 and 15 undeclared overcapacity magazines.

Following the two suspected child pornography seizures CBSA made in Saskatchewan in January, officers at Regina International Airport arrested a returning male resident on February 16 after observing multiple images of suspected child pornography on his tablet. The traveller and his electronic devices were transferred to the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit’s custody.


Quick Facts

  • CBSA officers in Saskatchewan process an average of 64,271 travellers in 15,789 cars, 12,424 commercial trucks, and 263 flights every month (based on 2015 statistics).
  • Between 2010 and 2015, CBSA officers in Saskatchewan have averaged five suspected child pornography seizures per year. To date this year, they have already made five.


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