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Minister Morneau Takes Middle Class Message to Ottawa Business Leaders

Minister Morneau Takes Middle Class Message to Ottawa Business Leaders

March 23, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario – Department of Finance

Minister  of Finance Bill Morneau spoke with Ottawa business leaders today on the new  Government of Canada’s first federal budget, Growing the Middle Class.

  At  the 2016 Post-Budget breakfast hosted by the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, the  Minister discussed the Government’s new approach to revitalizing the Canadian  economy so that it works for the middle class, and those working hard to join  it.

  As one of its first actions, the  Government introduced a tax cut for roughly 9 million middle class Canadians,  and raised taxes for the wealthiest to help pay for it. Budget 2016 builds on  this with a new Canada Child Benefit, which will put more money in the pockets  of nine out of ten Canadian families, and lift hundreds of thousands of  children out of poverty.

  The  Minister outlined these and other Budget 2016 measures in his speech, such as  the Government’s vision to make Canada a global innovation leader, and opportunities for the country’s  creative entrepreneurs and innovative companies to grow their businesses and  enter global markets. 

  The Minister also highlighted the  Government’s historic plan to invest more than $120 billion in infrastructure  over the next 10 years, investments that will create a more modern, cleaner  economy, a more inclusive society, and a country better positioned to compete  globally.

Through Budget 2016, the National Capital  Region and communities across the country will benefit from: $3.4 billion over  three years for public transit through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund; $5.0 billion  over five years for green infrastructure to help protect the vitality of our  lakes and rivers, and ensure the quality of our drinking water; and $3.4  billion over five years for affordable housing, early learning and child care,  and cultural and recreational infrastructure.

The Minister noted that important  investments would be made in the National Capital Region, in consultation with  municipalities, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, as well as other key  stakeholders.  


Growing the Middle Class is a call to  action. It calls on each and every one of us to take this moment in history and  make it ours. Our plan is about revitalizing the economy and providing support  for Canadian families. We know that the challenges we face will not be solved  overnight, or by a single budget, but we are taking important steps towards  renewing the optimism that comes with knowing we can leave behind a better life  for our kids and grandkids.”

- Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance

Quick Facts

  • The  National Capital Region will directly benefit from:        
    • Up to $156.4 million to expand the Canada Science and Technology Museum  through the construction of a new collection and conservation centre; 
    • Up to $114.9 million to support the renewal of the National Arts  Centre; and 
    • Up to $9.6 million over two years to undertake needed repairs to the  National Gallery of Canada—especially the soaring windows—iconic to Ottawans  and visitors alike.

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