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2015 Enforcement Highlights by the Canada Border Services Agency Pacific Region

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Pacific Region (including British Columbia and Yukon) would like to share some highlights of the vital work accomplished by its employees in 2015 to ensure the security and prosperity of Canada by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada.


With more than 1,405 uniformed officers across 43 land, air and marine ports of entry, the Pacific Region last year processed 22,323,513 travellers; 8,255,914 vehicles; 2,081,331 commercial releases; and 30,632,754 pieces of international mail. In addition, the CBSA Pacific Region made a significant number of seizures to protect the safety and security of our borders and our communities. These seizures include:


  • 2,487 narcotic/controlled drug seizures
  • 521 tobacco seizures
  • 226 alcohol seizures
  • 2,818 weapon seizures including both firearms and prohibited weapons
  • 711 currency seizures totaling an equivalent of $11,968,500 CAD
  • 58 seizures of child pornography


Quick facts


  • Officers in Pacific kept more than 759 kilograms of drugs including opium, cocaine, heroin and steroids from entering British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • The Pacific Region kept 183 firearms and 3,618 prohibited weapons out of our communities.
  • One million pieces of international mail were processed between December 7-13 – a record-breaking accomplishment reflecting a tremendously busy peak period for the Pacific Region.




 “These enforcement highlights are prime examples of the CBSA’s commitment to protecting the safety and security of all Canadians. No matter how sophisticated the concealment, our officers have the training, expertise and perseverance to stop the entry of contraband into Canada”

-        Roslyn H. MacVicar, Regional Director General, CBSA, Pacific Region


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