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General Vance and Chief Warrant Officer West issue a statement on the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait

February 27, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario – National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces

General Jonathan Vance, the Chief of the Defence Staff, and Chief Warrant Officer Kevin West, the Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer, issued the following statement on the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait:

“February 1991 proved to be a proud moment for the Canadian Armed Forces when its multi-faceted mission with its coalition partners led to the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi armed forces.

“While two World Wars and more recent operations such as those in Afghanistan may take prominence when we look back at past conflicts involving the CAF, the First Gulf War dominated our thoughts from the summer of 1990 when Iraq first invaded Kuwait to when it was liberated seven months later. Canada’s contribution to this quick and successful outcome was remarkable.

“Following a period of what became more routine deployments in the 1980s; Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait prompted the CAF to act quickly with a commitment of ships, an air task group, a joint headquarters and a field hospital, known as Operation FRICTION. This mission came together in very short order and became an early model for our more recent joint military commitments abroad.

“More importantly, Kuwait has remained secure in the past 25 years while the CAF maintains a healthy relationship with its military. The CAF assets currently based in Kuwait in support of coalition efforts to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a very tangible example of this partnership. 

“For those who served in Op Friction, we thank you and acknowledge your commitment to this mission, which was significant and with an outcome that was very uncertain at the time. For those less familiar with this mission, we encourage you to learn more about Canada’s contributions to the first Gulf War. The Liberation of Kuwait was indeed a proud accomplishment in Canada’s modern military history.”

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