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Saskatchewan CBSA officers seize suspected child pornography in January

February 16, 2016                                 Regina, Saskatchewan              Canada Border Services Agency


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of January highlights from its border crossings in Saskatchewan.

The CBSA seized suspected child pornography from two travellers as they entered Canada through Saskatchewan last month. At the North Portal land border crossing on January 7, CBSA officers examined a Manitoba man’s cellphone and uncovered images of suspected child pornography. At Regina International Airport on January 25, officers conducted an electronics examination on a Saskatchewan man and uncovered images of suspected obscenity and suspected child pornography on his phone. Both cases were referred to the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit.

On January 5, officers at North Portal arrested a Canadian resident with an outstanding warrant for sexual assault and the manufacturing of child pornography. He was transferred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

CBSA officers at North Portal seized a flashlight that doubled as a prohibited stun gun on January 3 and seized 13 overcapacity magazines on January 14.

On January 1, officers at the Oungre border crossing refused entry to a U.S. man for an assault causing bodily harm conviction. Also on January 1, officers at the Northgate border crossing refused entry to a U.S. man for an assault causing bodily harm conviction and three impaired driving convictions. On January 11, officers at the Estevan Highway border crossing refused entry to a U.S. man for assault and unlawful confinement convictions.

Officers at the Regway border crossing demonstrated care and compassion on January 9 by assisting a driver in extinguishing an engine fire. CBSA officers then personally donated food and gasoline for his trip home. On January 11, a semi-truck crashed into an empty vehicle near the port, and officers responded by pulling the driver out of the damaged semi and communicating with emergency responders.


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  • CBSA officers in Saskatchewan process an average of 64,271 travellers in 15,789 cars, 12,424 commercial trucks, and 263 flights every month (based on 2015 statistics).


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The 13 overcapacity magazines seized at North Portal on January 14.

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