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North American Cooperation on Energy

On February 12, 2016, energy leaders from Canada, Mexico and the United States met for the North American Energy Ministers Meeting. During the meeting, the energy leaders signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Climate Change and Energy Collaboration and launched a web platform where North American energy information can be easily accessed in one area.

The MoU will see Canada, Mexico and the United States collaborate and share information on six key areas:

  • Sharing experience and knowledge in the development of reliable, resilient and low-carbon electricity grids;
  • Modeling, deploying and accelerating innovation of clean energy technologies, including renewables;
  • Exchanging information in order to improve energy efficiency for equipment, appliances, industries and buildings, including energy management systems;
  • Exchanging information and promoting joint action to advance the deployment of carbon capture, use and storage;
  • Identifying trilateral activities to further climate change adaptation and resilience; and, 
  • Sharing best practices and seeking methods to reduce emissions from the oil and gas sector, including methane and black carbon.

North American energy information is now gathered on one platform and available on all three countries’ websites. Available information includes:

  • A first suite of static and interactive North American energy infrastructure maps;
  • A combined North American energy outlook;
  • Data tables and methodological guides to allow for the comparison of energy trade between the three countries; and,
  • A glossary of terms and definitions available in each country’s official languages.

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