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CBSA in Calgary releases highlights from 2015

January 27, 2016                      Calgary, Alberta                        Canada Border Services Agency


In their continued commitment to keeping our borders safe and secure, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers in Calgary have had a busy year processing nearly 2.2 million travellers and over 22,700 flights.

In March, CBSA officers at Calgary International Airport intercepted an alleged child-abductor and her nine-year-old stepson, who were returning from South America. A Canada-wide arrest warrant had been issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for child abduction and contravening a custody order. The child was reunited with his biological mother at the airport. The stepmother was turned over to Calgary Police Service.

Officers also assisted the Calgary Police Service in breaking up a multimillion dollar fraud ring by providing intelligence and arresting a fugitive upon re-entry. On May 30, CBSA officers arrested Anshul Edison Fernando upon re-entry, who was wanted for fraud and theft over $5,000.

Officers made 184 narcotics seizures. Officers from Commercial Operations intercepted a package from Albania containing a hollowed-out book. Inside the book were six bottles of Rivotril, which is a controlled substance under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act (CDSA). The drugs were turned over to Saskatoon Police Service and they charged the importer under the CDSA. On May 28, upon opening a package, officers uncovered a hollow porcelain clown statue with a bag of 25 grams of cocaine concealed inside the clown.

On December 6, Detector Dog Kodiak intercepted a large quantity of prohibited food and animal products. Kodiak indicated on a traveller from Egypt who had declared no food, plant, or animal products. During a secondary exam, officers uncovered the following goods packed inside the traveller’s suitcase: 9.55 kg whole raw duck, 6.6 kg whole raw chicken, 3.33 kg pastrami, 1.77 kg homemade butter, 92.5 grams miscellaneous seeds (unpackaged) and 750 grams of milk. The traveller paid a penalty of $650 for the nearly 50 pounds of food products.

During an audit, Trade Operations recently completed a valuation verification of a clothing retailer resulting in approximately $1.4 million in duties, goods and services tax and interest collected. The verification revealed that the importer was paying an amount to its foreign parent company for design and development. The Customs Act requires that all design and development work undertaken elsewhere than in Canada and necessary for the production of the imported goods is added to the price paid or payable of the goods.


Quick Facts

  • While fulfilling their duty to screen travellers entering Canada, officers also executed 1,270 seizure actions.
  • CBSA officers made 116 currency seizures with a value over 1.7 million dollars.
  • Officers also seized child pornography in seven separate seizures.
  • Commercial operations made 29 weapons seizures, including blow guns, crossbows and various knives.
  • Officers completed 10,105 permanent resident landings, and issued 9,935 work permits and 2,873 study permits.



“Weapons, drugs, and child pornography – many of us do not even realize the serious nature of the contraband smugglers are attempting to bring to Calgary, and that is largely because of the diligence and effectiveness of our CBSA officers in stopping it at the border.”

-        Kim Scoville, Regional Director General – Prairie Region


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The nearly 50 pounds of food products discovered by Kodiak.

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