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CBSA 2015 year in review for southern Saskatchewan

In its continued commitment to keeping our borders safe and secure, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) had a banner enforcement year in 2015 at its southern Saskatchewan ports of entry.


CBSA officers in southern Saskatchewan seized 43 undeclared firearms in 2015. This represents a 30‑percent increase over the previous year’s 33 guns. In one case on August 22, officers at the North Portal border crossing used X-ray technology to intercept eight undeclared firearms, including a fully automatic AR-15, from a moving trailer bound for Alaska. In addition, the number of suspected child pornography seizures across southern Saskatchewan also rose significantly, from one in 2014 to five in 2015.


CBSA officers at North Portal, Estevan Highway, and nearby remote border crossings denied entry to a total of 504 travellers for a variety of reasons, including criminality ranging from impaired driving to grand theft. On September 3 at the Regway border crossing, officers refused entry to a United States man for an aggravated sexual abuse of a child conviction.


CBSA officers also saw their fair share of incidents while screening for dangerous goods and people at Canada’s front line:


  • On January 18, CBSA officers at the North Portal border crossing seized 147 overcapacity magazines from a Kentucky man bound for Alaska. As the traveller had initially declared only 15 magazines, he was issued a $1,000 vehicle penalty and elected to return to the United States.
  • CBSA officers at the Regway border crossing seized currency valued at nearly Can$115,700 from a North Dakota man on February 28. The man was able to prove the currency belonged to him, but paid a $2,500 penalty for its return because he failed to declare it.
  • On October 18, CBSA officers at the North Portal border crossing intercepted a North Dakota man who drove to the border. There were empty beer cans strewn throughout his vehicle. Officers arrested the driver after he admitted to drinking and failed a breathalyzer. Estevan Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived on-scene to take him into custody.


Quick Facts


  • CBSA officers in southern Saskatchewan processed more than 536,000 travellers in 189,000 cars and 149,000 commercial trucks.
  • While fulfilling their duty to screen travellers entering Canada, they also executed 229 total seizure actions of various goods.




“If there is one thing Saskatchewan residents should know about the CBSA, it is that we are serious about protecting our communities. Each and every day, our officers use their specialized training, contraband-detecting tools, and instincts to single out dangerous people and goods while maintaining the free flow of travel.”

Kim R. Scoville

Regional Director General, Prairie Region, Canada Border Services Agency



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Photo 1: The eight undeclared firearms seized at the North Portal border crossing on August 22.

Photo : The eight undeclared firearms seized at the North Portal border crossing on August 22.

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