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Backgrounder 2016 Southern New Brunswick Announcement

Grand total investment: $21.7 M

Carleton Martello Tower NHS 

Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site is an iconic part of the Saint John cityscape.  Its unique round architecture, stone walls, and bomb-proof vaulted ceilings, spans 130 years of coastal defense technology. Restored barracks replicate the living conditions of a 19th century British soldier. Panoramic views from the tower’s observation level extend from Saint John harbor all the way to the Bay of Fundy. At present, the tower is partially under a construction canopy while undergoing investigative stabilization work.             

List of projects:           


Project name: Carleton Martello Tower Rehabilitation

Estimated Project value: $13.5 M

Project description: Complete design work and construction package for structural upgrades and long term restoration and conservation work to the Carleton Martello Tower.      


Fundy National Park     

Fundy National Park (FNP) was established in 1948. It protects 206 km2 of the Fundy Coastal and the Southern Uplands eco regions. This natural region is characterized by a rolling, hilly plateau cut by deep river valleys and cascading waterfalls. The park encompasses 12 kilometres of dramatic shoreline along the Bay of Fundy and more than 100 kilometres of hiking and biking trails that lead to thundering waterfalls, freshwater lakes, and scenic river valleys. Included in the park are multiple well equipped campgrounds, a variety of alternative accommodations including yurts and oTENTiks, a solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, and a fun natural playground.  The Park is actively involved in ecological monitoring and restoration activities, including an innovative and collaborative recovery program for endangered Atlantic salmon. 


List of projects:               


Project name: Point Wolfe Serviced Campsites

Estimated Project value: $132 K

Project description: This project will convert 26 unserviced campsites within Point Wolfe Campground into serviced campsites with both electricity and water service.


Project name: Fundy NP - Rehabilitation of Kitchen Shelters/Service Buildings

Estimated Project value: $2.7 M

Project description: This project will recapitalize campground service buildings in FNP to extend the service life of these vital visitor facilities.  Work will included rehabilitating the interior and exterior finishes at entrance kiosks; washroom buildings, laundry facilities and kitchen shelters at Chignecto North Campground, Headquarters Campground and Bennett Lake Day Use Area.


Project name: Fundy NP - Rehabilitation of Pool Bathhouse

Estimated Project value: $488 K

Project description: This project will recapitalize the FNP Bathhouse and address accessibility issues.  This is a Federal Heritage Building Review Office (FHBRO) recognized building.


Project name: Rehabilitation of Administration Building

Estimated Project value: $1.5 M

Project description: This project will recapitalize the FNP Administration Building to address code compliance, health and safety and deferred maintenance issues on both the interior and exterior of the building.


Project name: Fundy NP - Trail and Back-Country

Estimated Project value: $1.8 M

Project description: Redesign and recapitalization of more than 40 kilometers of trails within Fundy National Park  with an emphasis on those that connect to the Trans Canada Trail.  NOTE: $1 million dollars toward this project was previously announced.  The $1.8 million indicated above represents new money.


Project name: Fundy NP - Decommissioning of Roads and Trails in the Devil's Half Acre Area

Estimated Project value: $677 K

Project description: This project will complete the decommissioning and subsequently restore the ecological integrity of the former Devil's Half Acre Youth Hostel Facility, including its access roads, trails and associated infrastructure.  The Facility ceased operations 15 years ago. 


Project name: oTENTiks Phase 2

Estimated Project value: $391 K

Project description: Convert 10 un-serviced sites to oTENTiks to complete the Alternative Accommodation offer for Chigencto South Campground.


Project name: oTENTik Implementation, 2015-2016 and Beyond - Fundy

Estimated Project value: $395 K

Project description: Includes the purchase and installation of 10 oTENTik units within Point Wolfe Campground - Fundy National Park.


Project name: FNP Campground Enhancements - Conversion 2-way

Estimated Project value: $125 K

Project description: The objective of this project is to enhance the front country camping experience for Fundy National Park and build on past successes of converting un-serviced camping sites to 2 way sites (electrical and water) in an effort to revitalize FNP's camping offer and meet the needs and expectations of our guests. In 2012 and 2013 we converted 44 sites in 2 front country campgrounds. These sites have enjoyed a very high occupancy rate during our peak season and shoulder long weekends and have contributed significantly to our increased revenues. We will convert an additional 25 un-serviced sites to 2 way sites in Chignecto South Campground as well as allow for landscaping at these sites. Parks Canada will add 880 pits with branding (laser cut beaver), as well as 5300 new picnic tables.              


* Please note that the sum of individual project values may not equal the grand total indicated at the top of this document due to standard rounding errors.


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